Essential Tips for Working from Home

7 Key Things you must do when working from home to stay productive!

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A very warm WELCOME! My name is Maria Plengsangtip. 


I am a qualified psychologist who helps Human Capital Professional facing difficulties increasing employee engagement or improving health of their employees by designing and developing customised strategies to achieve better health and employee wellbeing. This frees up their precious time and energy to focus on their many priorities at work. 


This Resource is going to help you get motivate teams without overwhelm. 


Managing Team Productivity without the overwhelming information

When the COVID-19 struck and governments responded with measures to maintain safety distancing to save the lives of their citizens, business reacted. 


Work from Home initiatives are to be implemented, whether business and employees are ready or not. This is stressful for business leaders and HR professionals. 


We understand your frustration when tasked to manage team productivity and employee morale despite having to figure all these out. 


That's why we started to create content that you can use to send to your employees to prepare them psychologically and professionally. 


This resource will help you engage and prepare your employees without feeling overwhelmed with all the information on the internet. 

  • Credible Tips curated and written by our team of Psychologists. So you don't have to feel overwhelmed by information overload on the internet.

  • Straight to the point and concise language that is beautifully designed. So you don't need to worry about whether your employees will read through long text. 

  • Ready to Use immediately in PDF and PNG format. So you are not restricted and have the flexibility on how you want to use it. 

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